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Video marketing. Interview to Eloi Martin

Video has become an indispensable tool for online communication for companies in the 21st Century. These days, it is already a key tool to get users’ attention, and to persuade them to spend as long as possible on a web page: 90% of people that click on a video will stay longer than a minute! At a time when the consumption of audiovisual products has shot up (we are watching videos more and more from a wider variety of places and via different media), it is clear video marketing is an indispensable element for any level of communication.

Vídeo márketing. Entrevista Eloi Martin

Eloi Martin Busquets is a 27 year-old young entrepreneur who has for some time been in charge of the generational shift in the managemen of Plató Obert de Produccions. Eloi is methodical, committed to his work, and passionate about the audiovisual world.

M. What is video marketing and what is it for?

E. I would define video marketing as all audiovisual content, for commercial or informative purposes, that has been created with the intention of bringing institutions or companies closer to their stakeholders. That is, all the interest groups that an institution can address in order to communicate something: existing or potential clients, suppliers, mass media, shareholders or employees.

M. Give us five reasons why it is important to introduce a video to an online marketing campaign.

  1. Audiovisual content allows you to go much further in the transmission of messages, because you have more resources for communication than with a static image or written text (music, style, dynamic, etc.).
  2. It is a very easy and quick way to make Internet users consume our information. It has an entertaining dimension that catches the user’s attention really easily, plus, it is consumed with less effort than other content.
  3. A video with a good creative strategy can go exponentially viral across all online platforms. Audiovisual is the natural way to communicate in the new age of communication and social networks. It is expected that on-line video consumers approach 1.5 million people in 2015.
  4. Having a commercial video on the Web or social networks helps the brand to be found with Internet search engines, because it has been proven that Google indexes this format fifty times more than other conventional content, so it can be also considered a good SEO technique.
  5. The cost of a video is low, if you consider its communication potential and the easy payback over time: once the campaign is over, the videos will continue to be indexed on the Internet, accumulating views.

M. What is the impact of video marketing on society today?

E. Audiovisual is everywhere, on all existing platforms, online and off-line, too. Advertising campaigns are continuous and can be a struggle to differentiate ourselves, so that our consumer sympathises with us instead of with the competition. Audiovisual encourages this differentiation and engagement.

M. What does a company have to determine from the moment when it decides to make a video marketing to the moment of the broadcasting?

E. The first step is to decide the objective of communication for this audiovisual, to have a clear target audience in mind, to draw up a creative idea in the trialogue (client-agency-producer), to define a broadcasting strategy for the content, to allocate a budget for each part of the project, (strategy and creativity/audiovisual production/broadcasting), to coordinate the aspects of the video production that depend on the company, to verify the delivered product and to broadcast the video through the chosen channels.

M. What does a video need to have in order to be as viral as possible?

  1. If it is a micro video, it has to last a few seconds, and if it is to explain a more complex story, you need between two and four minutes.
  2. Attract its target audience, make it feel close to it, and in this way the audience itself will broadcast it all over the social networks.
  3. Be creative, original, and inquisitive. The surprise element in content always makes it go viral.
  4. Create professional content and take into account aspects such as image and sound quality. In most cases, the target audience is grateful and makes the broadcast easier.
  5. When we talk of content about current affairs, immediacy is the key factor for it to become viral.
  6. Having a slogan or elements that are comprehensible all over the world is what permits opening even further the frontiers to attract an international audience.

M. Is it possible to make a quality video with a limited budget?

E. It is perfectly possible. Technology for the production of this format of communication has developed so much that the present costs bear no comparison to those a few years ago…if the briefing of the project is well defined, nowadays, we, Plató Obert, have an absolutely standardised audiovisual production process, which allows us to optimise processes, and reduce costs and timing.

M. What would you recommend to any company that wants to make a video for an online marketing campaign?

E. I would just say to go ahead with the initiative, and not be afraid to step into this world. When they have made their first video marketing, and they can see that its production is not so complicated, and the qualitative as well as quantitative results can be very good, I am sure that they will integrate this format in a much more regular way in all their communications.


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