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Happy 40th anniversary Catalano!

ergonomía banco catalano«We have discovered a new way to ideally adapt the deployé. The material is elastic, easily curved in one direction making it resistent. It wastes no iron plates and is perforated. This reduces the steel from heating up, permits quick drying after a downpour and gives the bench an appearance of transparency, an effect we have been persuing from the start. We have also introduced freedom to the length of the bench, now being able to increase in modules of metres.»

These words were Lluis Clotet’s and Oscar Tusquets’s words for the presentation of the Catalano Bench, the beginning of what we now define as urban furniture. This bench, was inspired by the Gaudí’s famous mosaic bench in Park Güell, adapts perfectly to the user as for it’s ergonomicsh as for it’s uses, thanks to virtues within the steel «déployé». It is perfect the perfect outdoor bench: it doesn’t overheat in summer or freeze in winter, it dries quickly after rain, does not accumulate grime,can be used fixed to the ground, free-standing or wall-mounted.

40 aniversario Banco CatalanoThis pioneering design was a major change from the classical and romantic banks existing at that time. It’s producer B.D. makes it of perforated deployé sheet metal. Its formal simplicity, and transparency, generated by the perforated material, does not intrude on the urban landscape. Definitely a good bench!

Four decades which B.D. Barcelona Design to market this bank that has become an icon, and wants to celebrate with a colorful and cheerful change of image. Axalta Coating Systems, has developed four colors especially for the occasion. This four bright pastel colours applied with powder and high quality textured finish, will give new life to the Catalano 4.0.

Congratulations Catalano!

banco catalano de Lluis Clotet Oscar Tusquets

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