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Bic Universal Typeface Experiment: a common typography

A few days ago, I was surprised by the new BIC campaign. At a time where technology is making us writing less by hand, this company has once again amazed us advertising-wise. As It was already done in the 80’s with its TV ad created by Toni Segarra.

This time, the new Bic campaign named Bic Universal Typeface Experiment, is looking for the common typography for everybody, a typography which identifies how we handwrite and thanks to a huge amount of data can give as a result the type of letter most common used.  For this, they have asked people from all over the world to collaborate making the typography in our own handwriting.

It is born this way, the first demographic study related to typography.

On the website they have created for this, you can check how after mixing hundreds of characters, appears a final one that represents all of the others. The BIC Universal Typeface experiment is the first time that someone has tried to combine the different calligraphy contributions and the demographic data from everybody within a letter type or unique writing.

In August, the first version of the Universal Typeface will be donwloaded and It will be able to be used the same way as any other letter type. The link to the Universal Typeface experiment here.



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