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At Aplica we admire every person that gets excited about a business project, that will stand up for it, and will fight to see it through to the end, despite talk of the crisis, adverse market conditions or the reduction in consumption.

For this reason, we want to be right next to the entrepreneurs that bid for design as part of their business project.

To do this, we have started up a programme UNDERTAKE AND APPLY (EMPRENDE Y APLICA) through which our pledge is to assign professional resources to support entrepreneurial initiatives.

If you have a business project that you believe in, come and present it to us.

Show us your enthusiasm, convince us about its viability and we will support you by professionally designing the elements of corporate identity that you need to embrace your adventure, at a lower cost.


If you believe, we can create.


Give us a call, and we can talk.

Below are some examples of startups that are already part of the programme EMPRENDE Y APLICA.

  • Trainik Barcelona

    Trainik Barcelona is a Startup with the objective of positioning Barcelona as a sports destination, both for amateur athletes and for professionals. Their business goal is to offer high level training stages to individuals and groups living in North of Europe.
    Their activity is mainly focused on outdoors sports (bike, running and open water swimming), with the benefit of the Mediterranean weather in Barcelona.

  • Trainik Barcelona